General conditions

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Item 1: This holiday rental contract provides exclusively for a furnished holiday letting. The parties confirm that the premises to which this agreement relates will not be used as a place of principal residence, nor as a second home, nor as residential accommodation. Accordingly, they agree that their respective rights and obligations will be governed by France’s Amended Order of 28th December 1976, and by default by the provisions contained in France’s Civil Code. 

Item 2 – length of stay: A Guest who has signed a contract for a fixed period of time cannot under any circumstances claim any right whatsoever to remain in the premises after the end of the holiday rental period. 

Item 3 - confirmation of the contract: The Guest will make an advance payment of 25% of the total rental fee. The reservation is deemed confirmed once this advance payment has been received.

In the absence of written confirmation from the Owner, the reservation cannot be deemed confirmed. 

The total cost, made up of the rental fee, the security deposit and payment for any additional services requested, is payable 1 month before the start of the holiday rental period. 

Where the reservation is made less than one month before the arrival date, the full cost of the rental fee and the security deposit must be paid at the time of reservation. 

The holiday rental concluded between the parties to this agreement can in no event be extended in favour of third parties, individuals, companies or organisations, without the written consent of the Owner. Any infringement of this condition may result in the immediate cancellation of the holiday rental, with all resultant costs being borne by the Guest and rental fee being retained by the Owner.

Item 4 – cancellation by the Guest: Notification of any cancellation must be sent to the Owner by registered post, or by email with confirmation of receipt.

4.1. Cancellation before arrival: the advance payment will be retained by the Owner. The guest will be charged a prepayment of the total price of the reservation in the 30 days before arrival.

4.2. If the Guest has failed to arrive within the 24 hours following the agreed arrival date, the contract becomes null and void and the Owner may re-let the gite. The advance payment will be kept by the Owner, who may also claim the balance of the rental fee. 

4.3. If the holiday is curtailed, the rental fee will be retained the Owner. No refund is due in this event.

Item 5 – cancellation by the Owner: The Owner will refund to the Guest the full amount of payments made, together with an amount in compensation that is at least equal to the amount that the lessee would have had to pay, had the cancellation been made by him/her on that same date. 

Item 6 – arrival/departure: Guests may arrive from 4pm onwards on the date of arrival, and must depart by no later than 10am on the day of departure.

In the event of late or delayed arrival, the Guest must advise the Owner or his representative of this in advance. 

Item 7 – payment of the balance: The balance of the rental fee must be paid 1 month before the date of arrival.

Item 8 – In addition to rental cost, the standard final cleaning upon departure is a compulsory charge. It includes change of bed linen, a general cleaning of the apartment and the bathrooms. However, it is your responsibility to clean and put away the dishes, empty the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, oven and microwave, as well as put things away inside the apartment. If you do not want to do this and prefer to avoid a penalty of 60 Euros from your deposit, for 30 Euros you can order, at least 1 day before arrival, a supplement called « Complet Cleaning » of the apartment.

Item 9 – Condition of Premises checklist and inventory: A Condition of Premises checklist and an inventory will be made available to the Guest upon arrival at the premises. If the Condition of Premises checklist and the inventory are not completed jointly and signed by both Owner and Guest, and a Condition of Premises checklist and inventory have been completed by the Owner on his own, objection can be made by the Guest within the first 72 hours of arrival.

If the Guest makes no objection within the 72 hours permitted, the Condition of Premises checklist and the inventory completed by the Owner and given to the Guest upon his arrival, will be deemed to have been accepted without reservation by the Guest.

A Condition of Premises checklist and an inventory will be completed by the parties at the end of the holiday let, and each will keep a signed copy.

Provided that the Condition of Premises checklists completed at the end of the rental period are not contradictory, or if the Guest Completes the condition of Premises checklist on his own at the end of the rental period and the Owner does not object within the 72 hours following the end of the rental period, the premises will be deemed to have been vacated in good order.

Item 10 – security deposit: A security deposit of 300 euro (500 euro for 10 people capacity apartments) is payable 1 month before the arrival date. The purpose of the security deposit is to cover breakages and/or damage to the property and its furnishings, fixtures, fittings and decorations caused by the Guest, lost keys or other items, and also any additional costs incurred (chargeable telephone calls, fee-paying TV channels, coffee pods, extra linen etc).

The security deposit will be refunded to the Guest’s card or by bank transfer, after deduction of the costs of any extra services or consumables, and the cost of making good where damages have been recorded, within a maximum of two weeks after departure.

Item 11 – Guests must not cause any disturbance, and must not make inappropriate use of the property. Guest is asked to be quiet late in the evening, during the night and also in the mornings. Not everyone has the same rhythm of life: so consider those who go to bed early or those who get up late. Thank you to everyone for thinking about noises made by voices, television, doors, heels…

Item 12 – smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms and indoor areas. The use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and all other smoking devices is prohibited. Tampering with smoke detectors is subject to prosecution ! Smoking in this apartment will result in a 300 euro cleaning fee per room.

Item 13 - sleeping capacity: Only the number of adults and children specified on apartment description are permitted to stay in the apartment.If the number of guests exceeds the sleeping capacity, the Owner can refuse the surplus guests. In consequence, any alteration to or rupture of the contract will be deemed to have been initiated by the Guest. Maximum occupancy does not only refer to the number an apartment can sleep, this is also the number of people allowed in the apartment at any given time. The maximum occupancy can not be more than 15 people. Children and babies are counted in the total occupancy. Guest is solely responsible for consequences of exceeding the maximum occupancy. 

Item 14 - pets: Guests may not, for whatsoever reason, bring any animal(s) into the rented premises. In the event that the Guest breaks this condition, the Owner can refuse the holiday rental. In this event, no refund will be made. 

Item 15 - insurance: The Guest is responsible for all damages caused by him/her. (S)he must have liability insurance that adequately covers all eventualities. 

Item 16 – payment for services and consumables: At the end of the holiday, the Guest must pay the Owner for any services and consumables used that are not included in the rental price. These costs are specified on the price schedule specified in the contract and/or in the property description. The Owner or his representative will provide the relevant documentation. 

Item 17 – data protection: In conformity with the French law of 7th August 2004 pertaining to data processing and civil liberties, relating to the protection of personal data, the Owner confirms to the Guests that personal data provided to him will be used only in connection with the provision of the services requested. The only people who will have access to this data will be staff and suppliers who need to know in order to provide the best possible service to clients. In every case, Guests may exercise their rights under the above-mentioned law to access, object to, rectify and cancel this data. 

Item 18 - internet access: The Internet connection is reserved for use personal, non-commercial and reasonable, in compliance with the legislation in force, including those relating to character offensive, racist, pornographic, pedophile, defamatory publications and those relating to the intellectual and artistic property. Guest is responsible for the proper use of the service and is committed to ensuring the owner against any action or action by a third party of the fact of his actions, including on the Internet. Guests agrees that the computing resources available to it are in no way used for purposes of reproduction, representation, making available or communication to the public of works or objects protected by a copyright or a related right, such as texts, images, photographs, music, software, audiovisual works and video games without the authorization of the holders of rights provided for in books i. and II of the Code of intellectual property when this permission is required. Guest is also required to comply with the security policy of the Internet service provider. Download illegally is a criminal offence punishable by a sentence of three years ' imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 for natural persons. 

Item 19 – disputes: Any complaint relating to the inspection checklist or to the property description arising during the rental period, should be sent to the Owner within 3 days of the arrival date. Any other claim should be sent to him as soon as possible. In the event that no amicable solution can be found to the dispute, only the court of justice serving the district where the rental contract is located, has jurisdiction.